Avon, Loreal, Covergirl- I love them all!

(I do not look like this when I make breakfast, if I make breakfast!)

As I was putting on my makeup this morning, I wondered, "How many other women would put on makeup for the grocery store and a YW Presidency meeting?"

My sister and I used to watch the Donna Reed show (in reruns, we're not that old!-that's her in the picture.) I know this is how the tv shows portrayed them, but did women really look like that when they were home all day? Pearls and all? I don't even own pearls. I do, however, wear makeup. Not if I won't be leaving the house. But, as you know, the term 'stay at home mom' is deceiving. We don't 'stay at home' much. Which means, most days, I put on my face.

Do you?

I guess it's a vanity thing. OK, I know it is. There was a time when I looked good, all fresh-faced and bare. Those days are behind me. Way behind.

Did your mom teach you to put on makeup? Mine didn't. She bought me some frosty blue eyeshadow (it was the 70's) and I used her cake mascara. It wasn't until my sophmore year that I really learned about the fine art of eyeshadow, liner and blush. I learned from my friend, Linda. She had a self assurance and poise not often seen in a 16 year-old. She completely intimidated me and I was always a bit in awe that she wanted to be my friend. Linda dressed immaculately and had this gorgeous hair that flowed, seriously, flowed. She taught me how to wear makeup and how not to be afraid of lipstick. (I totally blame her for my lipstick fetish!)

Now, I wear it pretty much everyday. It makes me feel better about myself. Makes me feel girly. Makes me feel younger than my forty-some years. I do, occasionally, venture out without it, but I HATE doing that. So, if you see me at Wal-Mart and you wonder why I look so bad, then you realize I don't have any makeup on- you have my permission to pretend not to see me. I won't mind, I promise.

My survival kit.


  1. No make up for me. Ever! I'm sure I would probably look better with it than without but it's too much work for me to do every day. Oh well.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE lipgloss...it's my absolute favorite part of make up. I hate liquid face makeup and have never really worn it, that I can remember. I like mascara too and also like to use my eyeshadow as eyeliner...I don't like harsh lines...I like the blended look. Yes, I love makeup too!


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