Winter Blues

Hunter came in my room this morning and greeted me with, " Morning, mom, hack, hack." He disappeared into the bathroom and I buried deeper under the covers. (The tv was on, letting me know how wonderfully cold it is outside. Don't have to tell me, my house didn't fell much warmer.) Out of the latrine, he barked again, "I think I might need to stay home," he added couple hacks for emphasis. "If you stay home, there'll be no computer or Wii." No response, just lots more coughing to let me know just how sick he was. I gave him some medicine and sent him to school. We do have some nastiness running rampant through our house lately. I went to sleep last night to a lullaby of coughs and sniffs. My breakfast consisted of Airborne and a multi-vitamin. It isn't anything serious, just colds, but that doesn't mean I want to share. Kids sick is one thing. Mom sick is a whole different issue. I'm dreaming of warm days when I can open my windows and let the breeze blow all these nasty germs out. If we listen to Punxsutawney Phil, we'll have an early end to this frigid winter. Let's hope that oversized rodent is right.


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