My Love/Hate Relationship with Sundays- pt.2

Last Sunday started like any other. When I got to church, I saw my friend in the hall. I asked how she was doing and she gave me the eye roll. "Well, we're here."

It turned out to be a great testimony meeting. When J. got up, I was so glad. She always says something that inspires me. This was no exception. I took notes. The spirit was incredibly strong, even making its way passed my struggles with Noah. When we sang the closing song, it brought tears to my eyes.

After church, same again, but it seems a bit easier when you have that lingering spiritual feeling. In the evening, we had a Bishop's Youth Discussion. Our bishopric had been asked by one of the youth to talk about 'How you got where you are.' I love how different people can take the same topic and give such different talks. Our two, very young, bishopric counselors told about their lives and bore such strong testimony of the gospel. Then our bishop spoke. He's amazing. He tied everything they said together. He talked about work and testimony and how those two things would help the youth get to where those counselors are today.

As we sang the closing song, "Abide With Me tis Eventide", I thought to myself, "I love Sunday." This surprised me, honestly. And made me very happy. I do love Sundays. They are difficult, but they are also the rejuvination I need to make it through the week.

"Abide with me tis eventide, Thy walk today with me,

Has made my heart within me burn, As I communed with thee.

Thy earnest words have filled my soul, And kept me near thy side.

Oh Savior, stay this night with me; behold tis eventide,

Oh Savior, stay this night with me; behold tis eventide."


  1. Love that song. Hymns are what do it for me. When they're running over time, I get grumpy when they say we'll only be singing one verse of the closing hymn. I don't care if we're half an hour over, I wanna sing the whole dern thing!

  2. I know you already are -- but be THANKFUL for your leaders dedication in your ward -- that's all I'll say.:)


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