Thought I'd Share

You ever have one of those friends you would love to hate- but you can't. They are super cute and dress so stylish and probably the captain of the cheerleading squad and Laurel president? And, you want to just hate them and talk about them behind their back. But, thing is, they're also so super nice and not stuck up at all, even though they have every reason to be. Ever have one of those? Yeah, me too. That's how I'm feeling about the Clark family. Who are they, you ask? They are the famous bloggers named nienie and cjane. You already know that I can't stay away from those blogs for more than a day. Well, I recently found out that their brother has a blog too.

Yep, and guess what? He's the football captain and the prom king and Priest quorum assistant. In other words, his blog is just as fabulous as his famous sisters'. He's funny. So funny that I had to provide you a link to his horoscope post. It made me laugh, and since I'm all about giving, I'm going to share that laugh with you.


the nerdy girl with floods and glasses


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