You've Got Mail-or not

Every morning, I turn on my computer, check facebook, try to think of something witty to say, go to my blogs, see if I have comments, see if my friends have posted anything new,

read nienie, then cjane.

Then, when I can avoid it no longer, my little hand-curser hovers over my gmail icon.

I check my email with nervous trepidation these days. I'm waiting, quite impatiently, for a response from a publisher.


It's a nail-biting situation, for sure. Like I said before, I've been rejected. I can handle it. That doesn't mean I enjoy it. Or look forward to it. I don't.

After going on today and finding just one email, (from Hunter's teacher. SEP conferences-yay.) I still have butterflies. They are reticent to leave the warmth of my stomach, I guess. I figure if I'm going to get a response, it'll be first thing in the morning. Why?

I don't know.

Maybe it could come later.


Now, I'll be nervous all day.


  1. I'm really praying that you get a "yes" soon! I want to ready your book! Sending positive thoughts to your inbox!

  2. Okay, the day is we're all waiting with you! I'm with Debbie, we'll send good vibes out there for you.

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