Are You Ready for the End?

Apparently, the end of the world is coming. Saturday. Around 6pm. I'm pretty impressed that the preacher who has prophesied this was able to pin down such a specific time. Makes things easier for me to plan. I figure if we only have a couple days left, we need a list of what we will and won't do  as we prepare.

1. Our menu for the next days will consist of- cheesecake, peanut butter M&M's, Applebees chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and country gravy, maple walnut blondie, buffalo wings, chocolate chip cookie dough and lots of diet Coke.

2. I'd like to take back our mortgage payment, but I just won't pay anything else.

3. I will wear sweat pants and t-shirts until the end. No shoes. No bra.

4. The children will be allowed to eat whatever they want and stay up as late as they please.

5. I will not do any laundry. I don't care what anyone wears, but I definitely won't be washing anything!

6. My husband will not go to work. We've got stuff to do.

7. The children will go to school. What?   I told you we have stuff to do! And, anyway, we'll have the evenings and most of the day on Saturday. sheesh.

Happy Rapture to you all! Hope to see you in Heaven. If not, guess we'll see you somewhere else.


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