Frumpy at the Park

I took Noah to the park today. Had to take advantage of the one day of nice weather this week in this sorry excuse for spring. Noah had a great time. Me? Not so much.
Nothing like a trip to the playground to make you feel your age. Seriously, I think I could've been a mother to all the other moms. They traipsed around in their jean shorts and layered t's.  Their children were dressed in  cute mall outfits and I could smell the sunscreen. Crap! Hope Noah isn't burned. He had on brown sweats and a 'too-big' t-shirt.  Oh, well.
I watched them in their little cliques as they discussed shopping and breastfeeding.  These women are at the entrance- starting families.  Their children are small- teenage angst is a nightmare they haven't even conceived yet.  I am at the exit, closing that door behind me, so grateful that the sleep-deprived-lactating-diaper-changing days are behind me. That doesn't mean I want to feel old.
But, really, you could say I did a community service. I mean, those young ladies must've left feeling so much better about their bodies, children and wardrobes thanks to me. So. Yeah. You're welcome.


  1. I feel the same way in my ward right now. Two weeks ago they announced three babies births and believe me there are plenty more to come!:)
    Since when am I the voice of experience?!:)

  2. I am laughing so hard inside (I'm at work...can't laugh too loud here, there are sick people around) but man can I relate to this feeling!! LOL!

  3. It's either the park or Target. I'm tellin' ya, I think people dress up to go to Target! I don't get it! And why dress up when you're goin' to the park. Sheesh! You can't get down and dirty with the kids if you've got your best duds on.
    Maybe this is why my kids walk 10 paces ahead of me and pretend they don't know me?

  4. I just love you Julie. You are an awesome lady!


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