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( Jacob holding Sadie, Adam looking on.)
 For about three months, I had 3 children in diapers.  I cringe when I think about how much that cost.  There isn't much that is more exhausting than having three children under 4.  This was my station in life a mere 15 years ago.  I was 'on'  24 hours a day.  Between changing diapers, making 3 meals a day, handling my responsibilities as  young women's president, keeping the apartment clean, oh, and nursing a baby every 2 hours, I had no time for myself.  With Mother's Day looming I mustered all my courage and told my husband what I really wanted for my special day- a few hours all to myself. Alone.  He looked at me like I was crazy. I have no idea what I got that year, but it wasn't the cherished alone time I desired.  (In my husband's defense, when I mentioned this recently, he was appalled that he didn't give me what I wanted. We were young. I don't blame him at all.  He just didn't understand what I was going through.)
These days, alone time isn't so hard to come by.  One benefit of having 3 teenagers is built-in babysitters.  That would not be my request this year.
What do you want for Mother's Day?
 I hear ads for jewelry and think, "Really?" I guess if you had most of the things you need, a pair of earrings would be welcome. My poor husband has to walk the fine line between practical and indulgent.  For example, he knows that appliances are pretty much off limits as gifts.  I feel like that's a cop out. If I need a toaster, then let's just buy one, don't wrap it up. But, something like a diamond necklace is way too expensive and I'd feel guilty wearing it, thinking about how many pairs of kids' shoes it would buy.  Then, the other day, as we were driving, we saw this-
I told him, 'You are so lucky! You could get all your Mother's day shopping done in one place. A gift card, add a 44 oz. diet Coke and a taquito and I'd be set!'  Luckily, he laughed with me, so I know he won't be shopping at Maverick.  Actually, I'm hoping for some new shoes, or maybe a new body pillow to replace the one I lost.  (How do you lose a body pillow? You leave it behind at a hotel.  Still not sure how we managed that one. Not like it's a small item, it's as big as a couple of my kids. I've never left any of them behind.  Maybe if the pillow could've talked, or whined, then I would've noticed.)  I'm pretty easy to please. 
 But, I'm wondering, what would you like if you could have anything for Mother's Day?  If that husband of yours had unlimited resources, what would you ask him for? Mine's a toss-up-

(2011 Toyota Sienna)
(Puerto Rico- mmmmmmm.)
Or, even better, I'd like both!


  1. I would totally take a vacation back
    to the Dominican Republic, or Hawaii if money was no object. I bought my present yesterday for Mother's Day (which just happens to be our Anniversary as well - totally stresses Will out!): A new, top of the line dishwasher. I would totally rather have a practical gift that benefits me. Cause I'm the only one doing the stinkin' dishes!

  2. If money were no object - I'd want a vacation for the two of us with a responsible babysitter left behind to manage the kids! :D Or better yet...take them AND the babysitter with us and take them out to play when we want to! ha ha!

  3. I had three kids under four -- Obviously it drove me so crazy I couldnt' do it anymore!:)

    I always ask for a picnic with my family -- I dictate what we have, when we go and that everyone is NICE. THEN, my day is perfect.:)


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