From Scratch- Cinnamon Rolls

Growing up, Saturday mornings had a distinctive aroma. The morning smelled all yeasty as my mom began the day of baking bread.  I remember her arms buried in her big bowl as she mixed the bread by hand.  (Way before bread machines!)  In the afternoon, our house smelled like heaven. What I imagine heaven smelling like, anyway.  Long, golden brown loaves would grace the counter, just waiting for a knife and a huge slab of butter.  
I grew up baking/cooking from scratch. I'm not sure I even knew there was such a thing as mixes.  We made treats every Sunday night. Brownies, cookies, cakes.  Always with a recipe and lots of ingredients. The first time I remember making a cake with a mix was when we baked them for my sister's wedding. I was 15. 
Since I've been a grown-up, this is how I bake- 
 My kids are all very talented at following the instructions of the back of a box. And, we always have one or two on hand. But, lately I've been thinking about my upbringing and feeling like I should start making things from scratch.  I decided to start with cinnamon rolls.  I might argue that my rolls are from scratch. I mean, they take time. I have to put the frozen discs in a pan, make sure I remember to spray the plastic wrap before I cover them. It's a process!  Anyway, I went on-line and googled cinnamon roll recipes.  There are LOTS.  I chose The Pioneer Woman's.  Have you ever visited her site?  Oh, you must!  She not only cooks amazing things, she has lots of other stuff.  And, her recipes have pictures to follow along.  I'm addcited.

So, I assembled all the necessary ingredients-

(The diet Coke is for me, not the rolls.)
and began.
(Yeast rising.
I didn't even have a big enough bowl-thanks Randilyn!)

(just like mom!)

Everyone needs a helper.

The recipe makes LOTS of rolls, which is nice if you have
a big family, or if you want to make friends.

(Finished product, can you smell them?)
It was a two-day process for me.  I made the dough one day and baked it the next (put it in the fridge overnight).  They were perfectly gooey and delicious.  I didn't make the frosting in the recipe.  It's maple, which I thought sounded lovely, but it called for a cup of brewed coffee.  I don't drink coffee and though I love the smell (if you ever see me stopped in the store with a dazed look on my face, check to see if I'm next to the coffee beans), I don't like the taste, so I thought it might make the frosting yucky.  My mom said maybe I could use Postum- maybe.  I just used canned frosting (I know! Sort of takes away from the whole 'scratch' thing.)  I heated the frosting up, so it was more of a glaze. It turned out great and I didn't get any complaints. Next time, I'll try the maple frosting and just delete the coffee. I also plan to add nuts, and maybe raisins -but that's just to please my husband.
I'd say my venture was successful and I'm trying to decide what to cook next. If you have any recipes/suggestions, I'd love to have them. (e-mail me- )


  1. Wow! I'm impressed you made the PW cinnamon rolls. I've thought about doing it often but I'm too scared!

  2. It really wasn't hard, and totally worth the time.

  3. Yummo! Looks delightful. I can never say no to baked goods. It is my curse in life. How about homemade pretzels next? My kids got together and made them once...they loved it and they were pretty tasty.

  4. Julie, I have made those cinnamon rolls, I did a few with the maple frosting. It was good, but personally, I think you could leave out the coffee and not miss it. It really did not add anything to it, maybe enhanced the flavor. (by the way, I have never had coffee before..ever. I LOVE the smell of it, but I can only imagine that if it tastes anything like Postum, it has to taste equally as bad).
    So...I made a wanna-be Cinnabon Frosting which I loved better, but then again, I like cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting.

  5. Those look yummy! I love baking, but I always eat way more than I should when I do.


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