Golden Birthday

Last night I was telling Max his birth story.  I tried to make it entertaining, which wasn't difficult. I sort of skimmed over the part where my water broke, leaving a lovely green stain on my bed. (He had nasty meconium in the water.) I also left out how because of him I was catheterized before my epidural. My husband will attest to how fun that was for me.  I did tell him that when he came out, he was covered in green (he loved the fact that he'd pooped inside me and that it was green).  He laughed and laughed when I said that the doctor called him the jolly green giant. I'm not sure he appreciated the fact that he was the largest baby my doctor ever delivered, and he'd been delivering for over 30 years.  I told him he was FAT, fat face, fat arms, fat legs, fat, fat, fat. All 13lb. 6oz. of him. He made me retell the part where the newborn diapers didn't fit him and they had to tape two together until they could send someone to buy bigger ones.
What a difference 8 years makes!
This kid is nowhere near fat.  Guy tells me he's jealous that his child has a six pack. It's true. Max is incredibly physical, you just can't slow him down.  He runs, bikes, jumps and skateboards. His newest trick is doing a front flip on the tramp, landing on his feet.   He loves being with friends and has them all over the neighborhood.  As you can see from the picture, he's so excited to be a scout.  His first official activity is going to Camp Kiesel next Monday where his brothers and sister work.  It'll be a great day.
I'm so blessed to have him for my son. He brings a smile to my face and joy to my life.


  1. I remember when he was born, the whole ward was shocked at how big he was. But he sure was cute. I just wanted to squeeze his chubby little cheeks! Happy Birthday to Max.

  2. I remember coming to see Max and you in the hospital and I just wanted to squeeze his chubby thighs!!! Happy Birthday to him!

  3. Happy Birthday to Max! And wow Julie! I can't imagine having a baby that big...they definitely are adorable when they are chubby (not that they aren't adorable small either).


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