Here's What I Hate.....

Not him, I LOVE him!

I do my best writing in my head- at about 10:23pm. OK, maybe the time is a bit too specific, but you get the idea. It's always as I'm laying in bed trying to sleep.  My mind starts to wander and then, it starts to write. I write brilliantly at this time. Maybe it's because I'm relaxed.  Maybe it's the quiet house.  Maybe it's because I can finally think without being interupted.   I try to tell myself that I'll remember all the inspirational prose in the morning.  I'll remember it. Word. For. Word.
Yeah, doesn't happen.
I tell myself I should get up and write it down. Get out of the bed and turn on your computer!  But, I'm so comfy and warm. And, if I get up, it'll be even harder to get to sleep. (I'm finding as I age, the whole sleep thing is more difficult to come by.)  Instead, I repeat it in my head, sure that I will have total recall in the a.m.
Sun rises, mind is blank.

I had the best idea for a post last night.

This isn't it.


  1. LOL....yes, sleep is harder to come by...and yes ideas do seem to come in the still of the night, or day for me.


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