Monday, June 20, 2011

Media Fast

I'm putting myself on a diet of sorts. 
The thought came to me last week that I should have a 'media-free' week. When the thought came to me again and again, I knew it was more than a thought. So, here it is. 

Thanks to my DVR, the shows I really love will be waiting for me next week.  
That way, I won't miss this-

The thing that concerns me most about no TV is the news. I watch it everyday.
Sort of gives me anxiety to think about missing it. 
Guess I'll have my husband keep me informed.

No video games.
Oh, yeah, I don't play them. 

No radio.
This will only effect me in the car.  It'll be just me and my thoughts. 
Kinda scary.

Here's the big one-
This means no facebook. (Eeek!) You mean I won't know what clever, informative things my ex-boyfriends, cousins, and distant friends share? Breathe, breathe.
No e-mail. Yep. If you want to contact me, you'll have to do it the old fashioned way-
And, lastly, no blogging.
I know. It's going to be hard on me, too. =0)
I decided if I get any brilliant ideas, I'll write them down for next week.  

The reason for this media fast? I need to focus on my book. Every day I think I'll work on it.
Then, all these distractions pop up and at the end of the day, and then, the end of the week, 
I realize, I've done nothing- again.

Sooo, have a great week. Hopefully, I will, too.


  1. Good Luck! I know you won't read this but I wanted to say it anyway. I'll call you!

  2. You'll do great- and it will be fulfilling and rewarding I'm sure. This other stuff can really get in the way sometimes.


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