Blogging and My Sisters

Heidi, Ellen and Me
I was reading some advice on The Pioneer Woman's blog.  She said you should blog like you're talking to your sister. I like that idea. I don't talk to my sisters near enough.  I'm not a phone person and e-mail just isn't the same.  We all have our lives and we're all busy. When we do get together, look out. We can spend hours together-just talking. 
Here's what I would ask them about if I saw them this week-

Heidi- (she has 4 beautiful daughters and one gorgeous grand daughter.) I would ask how Lindsey's new job is going and how many times has she seen Rowe  this week. Probably alot. Heidi is a good grandma and adores her grandbaby.  Also, I'd like to know how she's surviving with her husband working so far away and is she so excited for the reunion next month when he'll be home?

Ellen- (she's a school teacher, so she has the summer off. Lucky.) I'd ask her how her trip on the 4th was and is she going anywhere else before school starts.  I'd thank her for taking my boys while I was at girls camp and make sure she's still willing to take them while I'm at youth conference. They love being with her. She spoils them like a good aunt should. Then, I would ask if she has any bright ideas for our cooking assignment at our reunion. Ellen always has good ideas. 

Sarah- (she isn't in the picture because she was still in heaven. She has 4 cute kids and a very tall husband.) I'd ask Sarah why we haven't gotten together at all this summer. (My fault mostly because my kids are older and have busy schedules.) I'd ask how the baby, Ryker, is doing and has he passed the 20 lb. mark. He's the biggest, cutest baby!  I'd also like to know how her 6 week challenge is going and will she give me her clothes after she loses all this weight. Also, when are we getting together to have Cafe Rio? I'm having withdrawls. 

Then, I'd tell them all that my kids are driving me crazy today.  That Spencer is gone to camp and thank heaven for Camp Kiesel, without it I might kill my teenagers, or at least give them away. I'd also tell them that it's been a year since Guy almost cut off his toe and I'm so glad that is over.  
Lastly, I'd tell them how excited I am for the reunion and all the time we can sit together at the ranch in Idaho and just talk. And laugh. And talk.


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