Free to Choose

Adam and Max
 Max was baptized on Saturday.  He asked his oldest brother to do the honors.  We had a great day with loads of family who came to support him.  Hard to believe he's old enough.
Yesterday, I gave a YW lesson on agency. I thought it quite appropriate that this lesson fell so close to Independence Day.  As I thought about Max and his baptism, I also thought about a man in our last ward who was Chinese.  One Sunday, he spoke and told his conversion story.  It was a long story and I don't remember all the details, but I do remember that it took him months to get baptized.  There was travel outside the country and getting permission to travel.  So many hoops to jump through. It was worth it, he said.
We take so much for granted in this country.  For Max's baptism, we simply drove the 2 miles to our stake center.  It is such a blessing to live here where our God-given agency is a right and a privilege.  I think we get emotional about our freedom because our spirits know we were meant to be free to choose.  It's good to have a day when we celebrate that freedom, both in this country and that which was heavenly bestowed.

My cute niece,Rachel
The DeMilles

My in-laws, Janice and Mayo

The Doanes
(Does your family do this? Segregate themselves?)

My niece, Lindsey. Gorgeous.
Hard to believe she's single. Do you have a
brother/son? I can set you up!

Max enjoying his day.
(Pictures courtesy of future photographer, Jacob DeMille.)


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