Lazy Summer

 I was reading the Pioneer Woman's blog -(do you get tired of me talking about the blogs I read? I have a really pathetic life where much of my enjoyment comes from peeping into other people's more interesting, un-pathetic lives)- and she was talking about getting up at 4am during the summer because they live on a ranch. I feel for her. I'm pretty sure I haven't been up at 4am since I had a nursing baby, and then I was never fully awake. (Oh, I sometimes miss those precious moments, just you and the newborn in the wee hours. But, not enough to have another one.)
This summer has been a very lazy one for me. My teens have to get up early to go to the camp where they work. After years of getting up myself to make sure they were up, I quit. I told them they had to get themselves out the door. Guess what? They do. So, most days, I wake up and they're already gone. Fabulous!  But, this week, I do have to drag my butt out of bed. For what? Summer band. No, I am not taking up the flute. I gave that up in 8th grade. Mr. Chesley was so relieved, I'm sure. I have no, I mean zero, musical ability. Spencer does though.  He played the cello last year, and now that he's in jr. high, he's switching to the clarinet. (Thanks to my sister, Heidi, for loaning it to him. We won't mention how old it is, but she did play it in high school and that was when Journey was popular. Old.) Anyway, Spencer has summer band for the next two weeks. That is my reason for getting out of bed a little earlier.
So, I'm wondering, what gets you out of bed in the good old summertime? Or, are you just lazy like me? I'd love to hear that!


  1. Umm...nothing? I haven't been able to drag myself out of bed early either.

  2. I have this weird schedule where I'm up all night and sleep during the day, because of work, but I tell you... sleeping during the day with the kids home is so hard! I don't sleep well at all and there are many nights I go into work with only 3-4 hours of's not been good. But, I do miss the days of getting up early to go work out...I miss the body I had then too :(

  3. The only reason I get up early to get ready for work. On weekends I like to sleep in as much as possible. This is why I hate 9 am church--I have to get up early. Even being done by noon does not alleviate the pain of having to rise so early. I've often joked with Brent that the one thing that would make me be inactive--9am church.

  4. Oh, I'm just lazy! I'm not a morning person at all. If I don't have to get up, I sleep! I do however have a race I'm registered for in October. I should probably start training. That'll get me up. But I won't be happy about it. Not until the run is over.


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