5 Hours

This is the sunset at the ranch in Idaho.
It has nothing to do with this post.
5 hours. That's how long I spent in the car/running errands today. 5.

I don't like to drive. Have I mentioned that? I'm not afraid of driving, heck I've been doing it for thir.... um, alot of years.  I just don't really like it. And going to the store? I like that. Taking kids along? Not so much.  It was a long day.

First, I took Adam to court. Heehee. We actually just went to get a paper to certify that he's never been to court. That made me happy. Especially when I saw some parents bringing their son in with his ankle bracelet. Not the cute kind. The clunky electric one.  I felt so bad for them- the parents. Not the kid. He obviously had it coming. "Maybe you could take out your eyebrow rings, it'd help with the judge." -actual comment from deputy.  (Post coming soon.)

Then, I took Max and Noah to DI. Fun stuff. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the DI. (Post coming-sheesh. I should have lots to write about.)  Got me some good deals.

Then, I had to pick up Spencer from Longhorn Camp-where they try to acclimate the 7th graders to their new school. We headed down to Wal-Mart for some much needed school supplies. I adore school supplies. I get sort of a high just walking around looking at the notebooks, pens and more notebooks. I think it stems from always wanting fresh paper to write on. I made the mistake of taking my two daughters. (Two? yep, we got a new addition this summer. Another upcoming post.) They get distracted so easily- pillow pets!  sparkly binders!  cute shorts!  coloring folders!  Come on girls!!!  I am not used to this sister thing!

By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I'm so excited for school to start when the buses can take them where they need to go.  And I can just stay home. Yeah, that's how it'll be. Let me dream, ok?


  1. days like this are soooo exhausting.


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