The Bag Lady

I love making bags for the people I love. But, I get very anxious when I have to pick out the fabric. My sweet sister-in-law, Kerrie, had told me that she trusted my judgement for her bag. I roamed the fabric store for the longest time looking for material. Once I found this adorable, pink, owl fabric, though, the decision was easy. Here's the finished product-

 I have to say, I love it. 
 See the owls? Oh!
 Inside, loads of pockets. Crucial when you have a baby, or two in Kerrie's case. 
They just got one of their foster babies back. I got this done just in time!
Now, my favorite thing about this project.
Kerrie has a 3 year-old daughter, Jocelyn, who LOVES her big sister role. 
What does every big sister need?
A big sister bag!

Introducing, the Mini-Me Bag

Just looking at these makes me happy. I think I need to make myself something out of this fabric. What do you think about a pink owl muumuu?


  1. This is the first time I've seen it! I LOVE it! And Joss will love that she gets one too! Thank you so much Julie, I can't wait to fill it up!

  2. Oh no! I thought you already had it. Dang!

  3. You are soooo cool! I LOVE them!

  4. I love the bags, I love the fabric! Make an apron!


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