Happy Exhaustion

I have done nothing today.  I showered, if that counts.  Mostly, I'm trying to catch up on some much needed sleep while still keeping my kids from destroying the house or each other.  So far the house and the kids are intact, but, my sleep is still in the negative catagory.  Why this slumberless stupor, you ask? These sweet things are the culprit-

I spent the last three days at the Sunrise 'P' Ranch in gorgeous Rupert, Idaho.  Now, before you start disagreeing with my choice of adjectives, check this out-

One of the perks of my calling as YW secretary, is being able to go to places like this with the young women, (and young men).  You'd think after a day of water sliding, log rolling, game playing and fabulous food, that they'd collapse into bed as soon as they could. Ha ha. Night number one, we were all (the females) up till midnight doing what we females do best- talking.  The girls had their side of the loft where there was much talk about teenage things, (boys & school, I don't know what girls that age talk about other than those two.)  On the 'old' side of the room, we had our own conversations.  Boys- yes, our husbands. School- yes, we can't wait for it to start.  We also talked about those girls who were thankfully out of earshot.  We love them, worry over them and have very high hopes for them.
Night two, I spent out on the deck outside the loft with Mandy, our fearless president.  The girls were more tired that night and though we stayed outside very late, we didn't have any wanderers.  Isn't it great, though, to have some time to just talk to someone you care very much about?  We love our callings and being with the girls, but don't often have time for grown-up girl talk. This week I had lots of it. It was great.
We arrived home last night at midnight. Another late one. I'm not one to stay up late. Today, I'm paying the price. But, like anything of quality, it was worth it.  I watched the youth in our ward as they played and worked together.  I would love to tell you every last detail about what we did, but it would be much too long.  I will post more about it, but for now, I'll say that it was a miraculous week where no one was left out.  Where we had many groups, but no cliques.  Was it perfect? Of course not. But, it was close.
Now, I'm going to try and take a nap.


  1. So glad it was fun -- It sounded like it would be great!

  2. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I enjoy readding your blog so much. Thanks for your honesty.
    I was SO good to see you last week at Lia's. Hopefully it will be a short time before we see each other again.
    I bet you are absolutely wonderful in the YW!
    I am glad you had fun!


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