Parenting 101 = Troop 525

Being a parent isn't easy. You've heard all the jokes about kids not coming with instructions, it's a learn-as-you-go process.  The books tell you about milestones and development, but don't go into what to do when they aren't met.  They give instruction on breastfeeding and diaper rash and teething. Then, they get to be teenagers and I guess they think you've got it figured out.   Maybe there are teenage-raising books, I don't know. Perhaps we should give women a teen-shower when her first one hits that lovely two-digit mark.  You could give her things like maid service for their bedroom,  a rain parka for letting the attitude slide off your back and lots and lots of Prozac.

Better yet, you could give her a scout leader who cares.
That's what I got 5 years ago, and my life has been infinitely better ever since.

When I saw the couple at the courthouse with their scary son, I thought- 'That boy is not a scout.'  Sure, I don't know that, but I'd be willing to bet a lunch at Cafe Rio that I'm right.  Why? Because scouting does many things for boys (and girls) and one of them is to keep them busy.  That young man at court obviously had a little too much time on his hands.

Scouting also teaches respect.  I've never seen a boy in a scout uniform with an eyebrow piercing, or even an earring.  Their shirts are tucked in and clean.  They learn to respect their leaders and their parents.  They respect our country and the flag- wanna make a momma cry? Have her watch her children as they lead a flag ceremony or a flag retiring. It's emotional.

Scouting teaches them to work hard.  How many kids do you know who would get up at the crack of dawn all summer long to catch a bus at 6:30am?  Then, go to work for less than minimum wage in the heat and the rain?  It's what mine have done for 4 years. They also work to get their merit badges and awards.

Scouting also teaches them to play hard.  I might complain about the camp songs and the skits they love to do over and over and over, but really, compared to the other things they could be doing or saying or singing, it's all good.

Thing is, the kids don't do this on their own.  They have to have leaders who love scouting. Thankfully, we do.  I will never in my lifetime be able to tell these men and women how grateful I am for their unselfish sacrifice and service.  It has made the difference between having kids I can't control and kids who have respect, both for others and themselves.

There's a popular saying that it takes a village to raise a child. I'd say it takes a troop.
The Camp Kiesel Staff- retiring a flag.


  1. You have a special thing in that troop- leaders who care. Cherish it- I know you do. We need that here;)

  2. you are so fortunate to have such good scout leaders. We really don't here...and it's sad.

  3. Oh and I LOVE the idea of a teen shower!! I could of used a few of those!

  4. So many wards don't have leaders that are checked in. It's sad. We are blessed to have a man in our Stake that's on the ball and been such a blessing to Nik's life. I can't teach my son the things I never learned well. I love and need great people in my children's lives. Happy that yours and mine have that.


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