I'm a Survivor.....fanatic!

We’re sort of Survivor enthusiasts in our household. Of the 22 seasons, there’s only one we didn’t watch. I enjoy most of it, except when one of the contestants decides he needs to live naked.  That was season one and I’m still emotionally scarred.   Now, we're into season 23.
  One of the hard things about the show is deciding who to root for.  You usually can’t pick a favorite in the first episode.  You think you’ve got them figured out, but they can fool you.  Take this guy for instance-

I was sure Phillip was worthy of the title 'Ultimate Survivor' and the ending prize of a million bucks.  He was older (why would I root for older people? I don’t know.)  He seemed sincere.  He was a hard worker.  That  was in episode one. After that, we discovered that he was crazy.  I’m serious. Certifiable.  He claimed to be a government agent.  He walked around in his saggy underwear- pink saggy underwear.  He drove everyone bonkers.  It’s amazing he lasted as long as he did.  (This is one of the times I doubted the whole ‘reality’ aspect of this show.  To get someone like him to stay this long- to bug the Survivors and the viewers- seems like a bit of producer intervention.)  I couldn't wait for him to be voted off.  This taught me again, that picking a winner in the beginning is hard. 

But, this year, it’s easy.  I already have two, yep, two favorites.  First is Rick Nelson.  

 Rick is a cattle rancher- from Utah!  I liked him right away. He’s down-to-earth and no-nonsense. He has applied 14 times to be on the show- which means he's determined.  He’s also 54.  Though I tend to support the older contestants,  they don’t always do well in such a physical game. Rick, as a rancher, should do just fine. Tough as nails- that's how he looks to me.
I was excited to have one survivor from Utah, then I found out that this one-

who was labeled an English professor, is just that- at BYU!  Her name is Dawn Meehan.  When they said she was  mother of 6 I thought it a bit strange.  She also had that 'Mormon Mom' look about her. Now it all makes sense.   Dawn has applied to Survivor before, she was cut from last season’s game just before it started. So, we can assume she knows what’s involved.  I was really disappointed, then,  when she broke down and started to cry- the second day! This does not bode well for her.  I mean, if I was on Survivor, I’d cry. Sure.  I’d cry while we were paddling our boats to the island (my arms are killing me- boohoohoo) and then again when I had to sleep in the ground, or the ever-so-comfy wooden platforms they build (my hips are killing me- sob).  I’d cry over having to eat coconut and taro for every meal (I’m so hungry-wahhh!)  But, that’s why I enjoy the show from the comfort of my couch with a bag of peanut butter M&M’s.   Dawn crying so soon makes me think she might not have the strength to last a whole 39 days.  We’ll see. I still hope she’ll do well.  

This week’s cast-off was Semhar.  One of the worst things that could happen on Survivor- other than having to see Richard Hatch in the nude- is to be the first one voted off.  But, it has to be someone.  I was a bit relieved to have this girl sent to Redemption Island.  She had a big problem with her bra/shirt keeping her covered.  

And, the cameramen seemed bent on showing her- often.  I know that most of the people men who watch would be happy to see her falling out of her clothes, but the rest of us don’t appreciate it.  So, girls, when you go on the show, wear something that covers you. Honestly, think of the children. 


  1. Okay, I'm totally DVRing this season. I've never really watched this show before, maybe a few episodes of the first season. But I'm watching becuase Dawn is my nieghbor!! She's actually in Jill T's ward. Our neighborhood had a party to kick off the season. Everyone, including Dawn, went down to the community center to watch. I was so sad that I was sick and couldn't go.
    I agree, it was a good thing they sent Semhar home. She bugged. And I thought I was a princess. Come on!!

    I look forward to hearing your commentary. Are you gonna post after each episode?

  2. I have never watched Survivor but after reading this I just might.

  3. Lia, I can't believe you know Dawn! That's so cool. And, yes, I plan to do weekly updates.

  4. Hahaha! When we first moved to DB she was the Primary President. She's really nice, a big doer/server. We're not close, but we know each other. Her kids are all adopted. Six I think. The oldest is a year younger than Nik. Wanna know something funny? She's also in Shanon Hale's Ward! Yes, Princess Academy, Austinland and GooseGirl author. Small world, no?


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