Life Moves On

Adam at 6 months.
 I didn't cry when my kids started school. Not once. I was glad. Yep, call me a bad mom, but it's true. I. Couldn't. Wait.   Not just for the break for me ( tho' that was part of it), but for what it meant for them. Learning new things, making friends, fun. Okay, mostly it was for the break for me. Next year, when Noah starts, there will be no tears. Trust me.

 Adam is moving out tomorrow.  He's going to Job Corps where he'll get his diploma and get job training in culinary arts. It's a whole 10 minutes away. We've known about this for a couple months, but tonight, as his dad gave him a blessing, it hit me. My baby is leaving home.
As I sat and listened to the blessing, I had this strange moment. His life flashed before my eyes. Seriously. I saw him as my black-haired baby, my tow-headed toddler, a kindergartner, a scout, and now, this-
He's all grown up.  He towers over me.  He makes his own decisions and things like this move don't phase him at all.  That's all right, I'm nervous enough for both of us.

I am excited for him. I truly believe this is the right step for him right now.  He still has his eye on the goal of serving a mission, which I'm so grateful for.  And, like I said, he's only 10 minutes away.

But, still, he'll be gone.

Imagine what a basket case I'll be when he goes for 2 years?  Pass the tissues.


  1. I actually owe you several tissues-so no worries there. Just remember the crying tips you gave me and you'll come through this without sobbing, snorting, or ruining your makeup. And he'll be fine too- he's been taught by one of the best moms I know.

  2. I feel your pain, and Garrett hasn't even left the house yet. He is a great kid and he will be fine. Even though he is 10 minutes away, it is still hard to see them grown up. I think it is definitely harder on the moms.

  3. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that they move out and move on. Yikes! I better get used to the idea. Now I'm watching boys that I knew when they were so small taking those steps. Did I say Yikes already? Yikes!


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