Room for More

Many years ago, my sister, who has 4 daughters, took in one of those daughter's friend. (Did that make sense?) I watched Heidi as she enveloped this young woman in her loving ways and made her a part of her family.  She did chores alongside her new sisters and attended all of our family gatherings. She called my sister 'mom'.

Now, I have to tell you, I completely admire and envy my older sister's parenting skills.  She makes me look like the weak link in the parenting chain.  She is tough, but in a heart-felt way. Her girls had to go through the difficult trial of having their parents divorce when they were pre-teen and teens. But, Heidi guided them through it.  Then, she had the great fortune of marrying an amazing man.  Jerry had never had children, but he was meant to be a father. He loves his girls fiercely.  He is the pied-piper at any get-together.  He loves children and they love him right back.

So, for these two to take in another child, was not a big surprise.  Their hearts always had room for more. I watched them in awe, doubting that I would ever be able to do the same thing. (Also, doubting I would ever have room in my house.)

Then came Brittany.

I first met this girl at a Camp Kiesel banquet. She was short and outgoing and adorable. Over the next four years, I got to know her better as she became friends with Adam, Jake and then Sadie.  She is sweet and fiesty.  Any time she was at our home, she fit in like the sister Sadie never had.  Six months ago, she told me that her parents were moving to California, and if it worked out, could she stay with us over the summer so she could work at Kiesel? I said yes without hesitation. When I told the Handy Man, he agreed.  Things worked out and in June she joined our family.

There are still things to be worked out- like chore schedules and jobs, but Brit has settled in like a missing piece of our family puzzle.  Sadie is thrilled to have a sister, and she's lucky. A sister you haven't grown up with or fought over clothes and bathrooms with, is one you can get along with.  The little boys adore her.  Jake and Adam have known her for years and have just adjusted to her being here without any fuss.

A friend told me the other day, when I told her about Brittany being here, that I have such a big heart. I don't know that it's any different than anyone else's.  We were created to be parents.  It's part of our eternal plan.  Whether the children are carried and born of us physically, or they join us in other ways, it doesn't matter. We all have room in our hearts.  Love isn't limited.  Our floor space is, though, which is why I'm grateful for bunk beds.


  1. There's not a lot of people in the world who are prepared to take someone in. Good for you! I know when we took in Jospeh, our nephew, it was a great thing. We all got to benefit from the experience.


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