Do you ever think that your life is dull? That in contrast to those around you, your little light doesn't really shine?  Do you think that others are having these amazing lives with dazzling experiences while you are forced to accept the mundane?  I'm not just talking about money here, well, maybe I am.  I mean if I can't afford to take my kids to Hawaii or on a midnight ride of the Sundance ski lifts or even to a play, it's hard to expose them to those impressive adventures.   But, I'm sure there are things we could do that  don't take money. And therein lies my question.

Am I really missing out because of our life-circumstance, or are there experiences to be shared that I simply am not looking for?

My life seems to be in a rut.  You know, like I'm a wagon with its wheels stuck in a small crevice and I'm rocking back and forth, back and forth.  The scenery never changes. Nothing gets worse, but it also definitely doesn't improve. I want more than anything to give my family culture and fun.  I want them to see and do things they've never done before. But, every time they ask about doing something, it's the same old answer, 'Maybe, someday.'

So, back to my question. What am I missing?  I don't think Heavenly Father plays favorites. We all have trials, we all have joys.  But, often I feel like we're not getting all we could out of this earthly sojourn.  Is it because I'm lazy?  Or dumb? Maybe the answer is right in front of me and I just don't see it.  I honestly want to know what I could do for my kids to enrich their lives, but I'm not sure where to start.

Any ideas?


  1. I have often thought, "Man! That would be so cool if we could do that with our kids." I have to keep in mind that kids will remember your presence, not your presents (or trips, or gifts, or adventures). Besides, you have your own family adventures. Family reunions, scout camp, etc, all help shape them, and they may learn more from not doing things than they would from getting everything they want. There is probably someone out there that looks at your family and wishes they had what you have. :)

  2. I feel that way a lot. We try to do all the free things around town and I keep my eye on all the coupon sites for a really good deal. Otherwise we go on walks etc. which the kids seem to enjoy just as much!

  3. I have been thinking a lot about this since I read it yesterday. You know I am bad with words so I was trying to form some great "words of wisdom" but to no avail.:)

    SO -- Philip and I were raised with very little money. We both would agree that we didn't miss out on anything in life as a youth. The lessons we learned when our parents spent that T-I-M-E with us is what we needed. I'm not sure it matters where we go or how we go about it. It's quality not quantity.

    That said, Do I take my kids to Disneyland because I want to make memories with them and have time with them? Yes. Do we have debt because I choose to do that? Yes. Do I think we could create similar memories at a campsite in the mountains -- absolutley, and possibly better ones.
    My point is that I think our adult minds yearn for more than our kids do. I take my kids on trips because I love to travel -- not because I feel that's the only way to enrich their lives.
    My mom took us to so many free community events it was crazy. She was a single Mom of four surviving on a day-care salary and we went backpacking in Yosemite for our family vacations. I loved it! And guess what, those kids that went to Hawaii, Disneyland and even overseas for family excursions -- they missed out! and as for the free community events, apparently she instilled that in my because I try to "enrich" my family with those all the time -- you should see the eye rolling I get from Philip.:)

    Hmm, just re-read some of your post and maybe I missed the point all together?:) But then again, maybe not -- there are plenty of enriching things to do at home.

    Okay, one more thing I've been doing. You know we didn't sign our kids up for anything this season -- too time consuming and too expensive. SO -- I am trying to do one activity per kid per month. Like this month (I delegated) and PHilip is taking Gavin and his friends for an "airsoft war" in the desert. Then he's having a RISK party with Garrett and his friends. LIbbie and I are learning to sew. They boys aren't so enriching but they are free and spending time with dad and friends.

    Just some ideas -- Take care!

  4. I think you're under estimating what you have. I know you might think it's easy for me or anyone else to say, but I've been on both sides of that fence (having the means to do or not) and can honestly say one does not offer more joy than the other. Sometimes I think those who have the means actually struggle to hold onto the joy that really runs deep. But they can.

    I grew up very poor, but have very fond memories of family time, gardening, bike rides, jump rope, canning, family reunions with my dad, playing in the sand box with my mom, long walks, singing together, cooking Thanksgiving together (the sibs and me)and just sitting and laughing. I sometimes worry that I don't do enough of THESE things with my own children, because I believe above anything else I can give them or take them to, these are the things they'll treasure. I know I do.

  5. Okay Lia once again - you made my day ( all in the same day:)) -- you said in 100 words what I tried to say in 500 words and you did it better!

    I agree with Lia.:)


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