Cause and Effect

What happens when my stress level
 is at an all-time high,
 I'm having a really crappy day,
 it's only 11am?


Yes, it's almost gone.
Yes, I drank it.
And, yes, I do feel better.
Thank you.


  1. Ya know, I went YEARS without any soda. One day you have a drink and bammm! I'm a drinker again. It's not even about social drinking anymore! ....I drink it when I'm alone too. I know, the shame. My children ask me to stop and I get angry, my husband has a look of concern when I crave washing my dinner down with a cold, one, I just can't get through the hard times with it it!! :)

  2. I too struggle with this...I will go months without and once went an entire year....then I'm back on it again! My vice is Diet it!! Especially diet Cherry Pepsi!


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