Sticks and Stones

Blogging is a phenomenon.  It's amazing when you start looking around and find out just how many people are doing it. But, why?  Why do we blog?

Last night, the Handy Man and I were at Lagoon, a local amusement park.  While standing in line for the old roller coaster, I overheard a young man behind us talking to his date.
"I don't get the big deal about swear words."  Trying to impress, or make excuses for his language?
"I mean, it's a word.  If it was in another language, you wouldn't even understand it. It's just a word."

Just a word?
Is there any such thing? And therein lies my answer.

 We blog because Words. Have. Power.

Poetry and music.  A letter from home.  A speech.  Words wield power that lasts through the ages.  "I have a dream."  "Give me liberty or give me death."   "I am the light of the world." None could argue that there is a possibility for our words to live long after the hour in which they were spoken. Or written.

"Words can never hurt me."  Sadly, the old rhyme is wrong. Words can be  weapons.  How quickly we can break down and destroy others with our simple speech.  Our self-esteem is like a wooden block tower, set up so precariously.  Each negative word takes out a block until our tower of worth crumbles to pile of emotion.  I've read that for every criticism we dish out to our children, we must give ten positive statements to counteract the harm.  Then there's the inner voice, the one that constantly degrades and diminishes our own worth.  Word after word.

Of course, words have their positive power as well.  Building blocks that can strengthen and fortify.  When I was in high school, I got a particularly bad grade.  I felt stupid for being so lazy and distracted.  We lived on a dairy farm in Idaho and the day after the report cards came out, I was in the milking barn with my dad.  I knew that he was disappointed in me, but he wasn't mad.  He told me how bright I was, that I was very intelligent, and so he expected more of me.  That was 30-some years ago, and that memory is bright in my mind.  Those positive words have never faded.

We blog for different reasons and our blogs have different purposes and goals.  But, a universal truth is that as we share our words, we touch lives. For good or bad, they have an impact.  This is a power that we must take seriously and  wield  very carefully.


  1. Beautifully said!! Words can truly make or break us. We need to be kind because we never know what others are going through and your words can make a person or break them and personally I'd rather build someone up rather than tear them down!! Great post!!

  2. Awesome post. I totally agree. I remember always having that 10/1 ratio in the back of my mind as I was raising my littles. Sometimes it kept my mouth shut and other times, regretfully, it didn't.
    I hear how people talk to each other and it makes me want to do better, say better. I hope with age I've improved.

  3. Julie,
    First of all, I have to say you are the most amazing and talented woman EVER! I have had you on my google reader for some time now and I'm just now commenting. I'm sorry. Thank you for your sweet comments. I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. this post. I haven't stopped thinking about it since I read it a couple days ago. I am actually going to print it and keep it close by so I can read it often. The power of words is very strong. Thank you for, well...being you! We love you heaps!


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