You're my Hero

Okay, so here's a quick Survivor update because I've been a slacker and didn't post and it's on again tonight. (Could that sentence be any longer?)
A couple things happened two weeks ago that were significant.  First, they got their swim suits  Yay! No more bras and panties, wait, their bikinis are just as skimpy.  But, here's Dawn in the cutest modest swim suit. Seriously, so cute. And, she says in her 'confession' time that she's feeling like the older contestant. Who cares? Woman, you are doing a great job! But, because of that feeling, she thought she needed to exert her strength. So, when the challenge came around, there she was. The challenge was 2 men and 1 woman from each tribe.  They each had a long stick/bar over their shoulders, then one at a time, the other team would determine who got weight added- 20 lbs. at a time. First of all, just standing with the big stick on my shoulders would've done me in.  "Hey, Jeff, can I have a chair? I'm sure I could do better if I could sit."  Jeff Probst would hate me.  Second, add some weight, and I'm out of there.  They added more weight to the men, so the four of them were out and the women were left.  In the end, both Dawn and Staci had 140 lbs. on their shoulders.
CBS, Monty Brinton, 2011

 Now, Dawn is a mom of 6. That girl has the weight of the world on her shoulders almost daily. But, this is different.  This is physical.  I was literally yelling at the TV,  "Drop it, Staci, drop it!"  And she did!!! Dawn won the challenge for her tribe which meant reward and no voting anyone off. She rocks!
Rick's (remember? he's the other Utah survivor)  tribe had to go to tribal council and once again, he impressed the socks right off me.  Jeff often tries to stir up some drama during tribal by asking questions.  This week he was asking "What annoys you about____?"  Of course, these contestants start airing their grievances.  But, when Jeff asked Rick what annoyed him about Albert.  Rick thinks a second and says, "He snores."  Smart, smart man. And, to show you how important it is to help win a challenge, Staci, who 'lost' the challenge, was voted off.

Last week, was by far the grossest challenge I've ever seen. The tribes had to bite meat off a roasted pig then spit the meat into a bowl. On Dawn's blog ( she says it was worse than it looked on TV- Wow.  When one of the guys had a piece of meat stuck in his teeth (their hands were tied behind their backs)  Dawn just reached up and took it off with her mouth. What a mom!  Sadly, Dawn's tribe lost by 2 ounces!

Now, this did not start out to be a Survivor/Dawn update, but it has evolved into that. Mostly because, how cool is it that we have a Utah/Mormon Mom on Survivor? And, how much cooler that I almost know her? Sure, my friend knows her, but guess what? She told Dawn about my post on my blog and she read it and said, "Thanks." and she invited me to read hers. Which I now do.  Everyday. Maybe someday I'll get to meet her.
 Maybe not,  since I'm starting to sound like a stalker.


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