11-11-11 Three Wishes

Hold your breath,
Make a wish,
Count to three...

To me, a wish is something just out of reach.  As a child I often made my plea to the first star at night, on dandelion fluff,  and let's not forget the birthday kind- I never told a soul.  These days, I don't dwell on wishes that often, though I have many, like a decent singing voice or a brand-spankin-new minivan.  But, if I had to choose three, today this is what they'd be-

1. An anniversary trip with the Handy Man.
2. A book agent.
3. That my children will have a fabulous Christmas.

What would your wishes be?


  1. I'm with you on the never telling--- I've always been of the mind that a wish is between you and the world... so I suppose that telling the orld outloud just makes it... more real? I hope for a lovely Christmas, too.


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