Good Morning- or not.

If I ever doubt that the Handy Man loves me, which I don't but, if I did, I would only need to do one thing to reassure myself.

 Look in the mirror first thing in the morning.

See, of all my skills, (fingernail-growing skills, giving-birth-to-large-babies skills, making-killer-enchilada skills), one I do not have is the waking-up-pretty skill.  It has something to do with my short hair and how I lay on my pillow.  Seriously, my hair can defy gravity in the a.m.  And you know those lines you get on your face from your pillow? Did you know that when you get to be 45 they don't go away very quickly?  Cruel trick of nature.  Throw my glasses into the mix and it's a scary sight.

Still, he kisses me good morning and pretends not to notice how hideous I look.  That's true love, baby.
This boy looks good every morning.


  1. Ha -- this reminded me that my hair dresser (a friend in my ward) said she likes her long curly hair better the second day and I should "try it" So I, yeah -- not so much.:) She must lay VERY still.

  2. Oh how the pillow face lingers around here...but my husband seems immune to it as well. I think it's just that his eyes are starting to go. :)


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