I Can't Live, If Livin' is Without You

'Ultra-slim Dell laptops'
'New Macbook Air. Thin and light.'
'HP Mobile Thin Client'

Pretty sad when the pressure to be thin even extends to our technology. I've been trying to reassure my laptop that it's ok to be heavier than her peers. She's beautiful.  I love her just the way she is.  I don't need the newest, thinnest gadget.  I'm happy with her.  She isn't heavy to me.  Compared to the dinosaur desktop that we make our kids use, she's a supermodel. Seriously.
I think she's feeling the pressure, though.  She's been sluggish and crashes a lot.  Depression will do that to you. Make you not want to do the things you enjoy. I know she enjoys our time together, so that must be it.  I've been trying to let her get more sleep, but it's hard.  I'm a bit addicted to her.
Maybe it's NaBloPoMo.  This posting everyday has been stressing me out.  Perhaps she feels it, too.  I may have to break down and take her in to the laptop doc.  She has to get better. I certainly can't live without her.


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