Michelle Duggar and Me


Friday night I had a party for my Primary class. Six 10 year-olds in addition to my five that were home.  I'm wondering if our neighbors could hear the rumble.  I'm pretty sure our house was shaking at one point.
Friday was also the day I heard about Michelle Duggar's pregnancy.  I don't care how many kids you have. One or dozens. As long as you don't abuse them and can provide for them, I don't think anyone should care.  But, after having 11 very loud kids in my house, I wish I could ask her,  "How do you do it?"

Not the pregnancies.  I managed to get pregnant 7 times and I'm pretty sure I could have continued.  If I'd wanted. And if I'd been crazy.  No, I wonder about some other things.  As a mom of a large family- even by Mormon standards- I'd like to know how she handles it.

1- The physical part. I had my first at 26 and my last one at 40.  There is a HUGE difference in a young body and one that is older. Add in the pregnancies and, well, things aren't as springy as they once were.  I heard someone on TV mention that her uterus isn't as elastic after so many.  Gotta be true.  Also, my hips hurt just seeing her in her pregnant state. (BTW- Michelle is 45 like me.)

2- The noise.  I've watched her show a few times and I think editing must come into play.  Because no matter how well behaved your kids are, kids are noisy.  19 of them? Perhaps it's the huge, enormous, gigantic house they have.  That must be it.  If I had more than 1900 square feet to spread my kids out, I might be able to watch The Good Wife in peace.  (I highly doubt Michelle watches The Good Wife.)

My bedroom could fit in their laundry room.
3- The laundry.  These guys have 4 washers and 4 dryers, so getting everything clean is no biggie. I want to know how they get it folded and put away.  I can wash loads and loads of clothes, but then they sit unfolded so long that I'm considering getting rid of our dressers and living out of baskets.

4- The teenage attitude.  Again, editing. The sweetest kid will eventually enter puberty, become a teen and begin their reign of terror.  If the Duggar teenagers don't ever roll their eyes, talk back or throw fits, then I suspect medication.

5- Private time. Honestly, getting pregnant with all those kids around has to be a challenge.  I no sooner shut my bedroom door and there are at least  two three children who suddenly need attention.  Even if I'm just getting dressed for church, they're there.

6- Sanity.  They say you lose brain cells with each pregnancy. I. Believe. It.  Then there's the late nights, the worrying, the refereeing, the mess cleaning. It can drive you crazy.  Whenever I've seen her on TV she's so calm and soft-spoken. Again, I'm thinking medication.

I do understand one reason for having so many kids.  Child labor.  Seriously, ladies, I have a babysitter anytime I want.  Michelle has twice as many of these built-in sitters.  Why is their house so clean, food made on time and laundry put away? Nine. Teen. Kids.  Michelle musts be a drill sergeant or something.  Those kids do their jobs and then some.  So, if she has some time, I'd like to meet her at Chili's for lunch, so I can ask her advice.  She could probably use an afternoon without kids. I know I could.


  1. great post!!! I have those same exact questions, I can not imagine her ever yelling either

  2. Yes, yes, and yes! How does she do it??? It must be medication...or fabulous editors

  3. I watched their show and one way they get stuff done is to pair off the older kids with the younger ones, so that each older kid is a personal babysitter to the littler one they are assigned to. I think the kids do most of the chores too. They are also filthy rich now.

    Also: "I can wash loads and loads of clothes, but then they sit unfolded so long that I'm considering getting rid of our dressers and living out of baskets." I can so relate to this statement! I don;t even mind the folding, it is the putting away that tortures me. I don't know why, I just hate it. Glad to know i am not alone.


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