Where's My Haz-Mat Suit When I Need It?

I cleaned all three bathrooms today. Two things about that. First, we have 3 bathrooms. I really love that about my house. We lived for 8 years with one bathroom. One. And, I was pregnant 3 ½ times during those 8 years, which means I needed that room a lot.

Second, maybe you don’t think cleaning my bathrooms is a big deal.  I am a SAHM, for goodness sake, and my job is cleaning, right?   Thing is, one of the bathrooms I cleaned was the downstairs bathroom. The one used exclusively by three boys, ages 17, 12 and 11.  You have no idea what that bathroom can look/smell like.  I never use that bathroom.  I never go in there.   I pass by it on my way to do laundry and I try not to even look at it.  I see it out of the corner of my eye and hurry past.   Kinda like with mirrors in the dark when I was  kid.  You do know if you look in a mirror in the dark you see that Bloody Mary Lady, right?  I never looked.  Ev. er.  That bathroom strikes the same fear in my heart.  But, my oldest is coming home for Thanksgiving and I want the bathroom he’ll use to be nice. (Not because it was when he was here, but he needs to think home is better than away from home.  So he’ll visit.  Get it?)

So, I donned my lovely purple cleaning gloves and ventured in.   (I even bought new cleaning supplies for the occasion.  I must recommend Scrubbing Bubbles bath cleaner. Not because they pay me, but because it works and leaves a really nice smell.  We need nice smells in there.)  I lifted the toilet lid- oh man!  I’m not sure how long it’s been since that room has been clean.  Yeah, you can judge me, but those boys are old enough to clean their own commode.  Problem is, they simply don’t care.  And I don’t go in. Not a great combination.

I sprayed and scrubbed.  The bath mats are in the wash and  the garbage- oh, my. gosh. can you at least empty the garbage?- is emptied.  By the time Adam gets here, it’ll look like new.  Or at least better.  And it smells nice.

I feel I must apologize now to my future daughters-in-law.  I am sorry my boys don’t clean the bathroom better.  I’m sorry they don’t care if the garbage flows over on to the floor or that the toothpaste is missing a cap and dried out.  I am especially sorry that they miss and that you will have to clean it up.  They get it from their dad.  See, I had to clean my bathroom, too.


  1. I am SO gad Matt cleans the toilet!!! :)

  2. No judgment here--those boys are definitely old enough. ;) I remember the first time I went into the bathroom in my oldest son's college dorm suite. Bathroom shared by FOUR 18-year-old boys. It was PTSD-level scary in there. I also had three teenage boys at home at the same time so I definitely identify.

  3. Oh my goodness...I laughed so hard!! I HATE cleaning bathrooms and we have 4 of them. My teenage daughters share a bathroom downstairs and they are just pigs about cleaning it. It's awful!! And every time I go down there it just makes me mad....and all the more determined to NOT clean it for them. I'm so sorry you had to clean your teenaged boys' bathroom...I can only imagine that must've been truly horrifying!! :)


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