Why Do I Get Ideas When I'm Tired?

Lights out, house is quiet, I'm comfy under the blankets. And I start to write.  In my head. I don't want to get up and put the ideas down.  I want to sleep.
Today's blog prompt on BlogHer was do you prefer a pen or computer to write?

It took while, but now I prefer the computer.  My handwriting is okay for the first paragraph or so, then it steadily goes downhill from there. Plus, my hand hurts when I write much.  Also, I'm faster on my laptop.  (And I really like the way it sounds when I'm typing. click. click. click.)  The only time I like pen and paper is if I'm trying to write poetry.  Which I don't do often.  I'm not sure why, maybe it goes back to when I started writing when there were no computers.  Except the kind that took up a whole room.

I'm a child of the 70's- clunky typewriters and correcting fluid.  We were so excited in high school when we got self-correcting electric typewriters.  Oops! Made a mistake.  *backspace/correct*  Awesome.  I cannot begin to imagine what it'd be like to write a book on a typewriter.  What a pain. I'd never get any editing done.  And then I'd never get published.  How is that different than now?  Well, at least I can edit.

(The Excedrin PM is kicking in. Time to say good-night.)


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