The Gift of Brothers

Today,I went to pick up my oldest son, Adam, from Job Corps. It's only 5 minutes away, but miles and miles from the restrictions and schedules of life at home.  He's on his own, making decisions that I have no say in. (He keeps reminding me.)

I brought Noah with me to pick him up.  Of all my children, Noah misses him most. We drove into the parking lot, watching the line of 'grown-up' children loaded down with their belongings.  I saw Adam in line and walked toward him. He saw us and called to Noah.  "Look," I bent down and pointed to his brother.  Suddenly, his four-year-old legs took off running.  He ignored the snow on the ground, making a beeline for his brother.

"Adam! Adam!"  he yelled as he ran.  When he got close, Adam bent his 6 foot 4 inch frame to scoop him up in his arms.

I resisted the urge to sit in the snow and cry.

I never expected my children to always get along. I come from a family of 7 myself, so I know.  And, I also realize that someday they'll be adults and will hopefully enjoy each other's company, like my siblings do.  For now, it can be hard to see them argue and pick on each other.

Moments like today make it all worthwhile.


  1. My oldest son . . . get this . . . Is 6'4"

  2. I just tried to post a comment and it disappeared into wherever comments go--probably the same place socks in the dryer disappear to. Anyway, if my comment is here twice, now you know why.

    My boys are so close in age that they bickered almost constantly as kids. Now that they are grown-up-ish, it's interesting watching their relationships continue to grow and develop. My daughter, as the only girl and three years younger than her closest brother, has definitely had her hysterical moments when her brothers were making her crazy, but she's VERY close to all of them now.

  3. That is a sweet brother story!

  4. Those are special moments, for sure. My three kids were never very fond of one another growing up. After they went off to college, they began to appreciate each other. It was worth the wait.

    You're lucky to have boys with such a tight bond!

  5. That is so precious, Jewels! It made me cry and they're not even my kids. :)


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