The Gift of a Challenge

After a month of posting daily, I was done.  Too many nights when I struggled to find something to write about before I could retire to my comfy, warm bed. When I heard that BlogHer is doing NaBloPoMo in December, I thought no way.  Then, I thought again. I'm kinda flaky like that.

Thing is, tho' this month has kicked my butt, (why couldn't it have trimmed my butt instead?)  I've learned a lot.  Two things in particular.

First-reading good writing makes me a better writer.  Something about reading quality writing gets my brain in writing mode.  Aside from loving all the blogs I've discovered and being wow-ed by these women everyday, they inspire me with their prose.

Second- the more I write, the better I write. We all know, practice makes perfect.  I'm not saying my writing is perfect, (so far from it!) but doing it every day has helped me develop my skill.  While I know some of my posts were, well, lame, I think some of them were pretty good. (ok, could I have said 'write' any more?)

Soooo, here goes. The theme for this month is gifts and I will try to keep my posts on that theme. I'm up for the challenge. Hopefully you'll join me, and forgive me for the lameness. I'm trying.

(Also, this month is the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest gifts of my life- the day the Handy Man and I were married. I thought as part of this celebration, I'd share some photos of us through the years.)
On a visit to Zion's Nat'l Park while we were dating.


  1. I've jumped in for December, too. Crazy loves company. ;O)

  2. I strive to post daily anyway so here we go again. Why do I do that to myself? For the reasons you have so eloquently stated. Be a better improve my wordpress and photography skills. There is no better way to learn than by doing!

  3. Yay! I agree with all of the above. So glad you've signed on for another month so that I can have some more good reading!

  4. Ah! So sweet. Happy anniversary!

  5. All of the glad you've joined the insanity. :)

  6. I can't believe I've started another series of crazy rambling for a whole month. In fact my first post of the month was announcing I wouldn't be posting everyday. I should probably edit that post. Happy Anniversary! You've been married almost as long as my parents! :D
    And I couldn't agree more with your above statements.

  7. I LOVE reading your are a terrific writer and I am so impressed with the words you choose, how you weave a story...the way you express yourself! I'm super glad that I have another month's worth of daily blog posts to look forward to! (I wimped out and did not sign up for you can probably tell.) :)


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