The Gift of Commitment

7304 days or  177390 hours.  That's how long the Handy Man will have been married on Wednesday.  Time has flown by.  I know we're blessed to still be together with the divorce rate so high.  I looked at some Hollywood marriages and the reasons for their demise. Here's a few examples-

  • Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries-  What does a $10 million dollar wedding get you? 10 weeks. That's a million a week. Probably a bargain compared to what she usually spends.
  • Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger- 4 months. He wrote a song for her, how could that not be forever? They explained the reason for their split as the 'miscommunication of the object of their marriage'.  Don't most people know that marriage is for, you know, being married?  Kind of a no-brainer.
  • Shannon Doherty and Chad Hamilton- 5 months.  She wore a silk bathrobe to the ceremony.  Then, he left her because she threatened him with a pistol. Good argument for not getting married after a 2 week courtship. 
  • Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley- less than 3 months. Just because you're obsessed with a dead celebrity doesn't mean you should marry his daughter.  (Of course, she was also married to Michael Jackson for 18 months. Remember that kiss on tv? Eww.)

You'd think with all their money and stuff that life would be easier for them. Obviously it isn't.  I think the stuff is what gets in the way.  All the fame and jet-setting takes the focus off what's important- each other.  Heaven knows we don't have any of that to distract us. Our secret is spending time together. Has been from the beginning.
10,524,960 minutes. Don't regret a single one.

Our engagement picture.


  1. I swear I thought that picture was a current one until I read the caption. You guys are still so young! Must be living right! =)

  2. Happy anniversary! I loved that "object of marriage" remark--so hilarious and so sad at the same time and really indicative of what a different sort of world these folks must be living in.

    Hubby and I hit 24 years this past July, sometimes by the skin of our teeth, but here we are. :)

  3. Michelle, you're too kind. I wish I weighed what I did in that pic!
    Masked Mom- congrats on the 24 years! It truly is an accomplishment.

  4. Really sweet... now I have to run to calculate how long hubby and I have been together!

  5. What a sweet post. I am happy to know that there are other people out there making marriages work and having fun doing it.

  6. Hilarious about the celebrity marriages!! :) Congrats on your 7,304 days!


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