Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Gift of Someone Looking Out for You

Noah found it completely unacceptable that I didn't have a
Christmas list.
So, he made one for me. 

Slippers, because, as the Handy Man pointed out, 
I wear mine everywhere, so they don't last long.

MP3, that one could also be a smart phone-
because my phone is dumb.

Barbie? That was Sadie's idea.
She thought Ms. frumpy might like a friend.
But, since a new Barbie would be coiffed,
and have store-bought clothes,
I don't think Ms. frumpy would like her much.


  1. When our oldest son just turned 11 he still kind of believed in Santa (what can I say? - we had very innocent and sweet spirited children). His first Sunday in deacons quorum his leader mentioned something about Santa not being real. He was horrified . . . and embarrassed. I still believe in Santa so I wanted our children to believe as long as they wanted. Now they know that mom and dad are Santa - which is good since our youngest is 19! Haha

  2. I taught my children truth and reality as a core basic, so they were taught that Santa was a myth from the very beginning, but they were also taught kindness, to let other people have Santa if they wanted, i.e. play along.

  3. Boston- our kids have never believed in the Easter Bunny, but learned not to spoil it for others.
    Judy- our 11 year-old (autistic) still believes. I decided to give him one more year of magic. Tho' he did inform me that he's much too old for sitting on his lap.

  4. Agreed - 11 is way too old for Santa's lap :) And, of course, we all know that Santa and the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny and all that is not real - - but i still believe in the magic of it all. I refuse to let go of the magic!

  5. ROFL! Love the insight on Ms Frumpy!


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