One Word Wednesday- Vintage

The year before I was born. Can you say 'spoiled first child'?
My 'baby' brother, Marc, Me, my sister, Heidi, aka- spoiled one.
(Love you, Heidi!)

My dad helping me check out my stocking.


  1. D-aawww ... !
    Lucky kids! So nice you have these photos to cherish (:
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow - you're old. Just kidding!! I'm older so I can say that :) We used to put that silver tinsel on our tree. At first we would carefully place each strand and then we would get tired and toss globs of it - - our dad would get so mad! hahaha

  3. Judy- I remember trying to do the tinsel right, but it always got boring, so we clumped.

  4. Adorable pictures. My youngest sister had that Fisher Price barn--the "cow" mooed when you opened the door. I used to annoy everyone in the house with that little bugger. :)

  5. I remember that cow. That barn was the reason I found out about Santa that year. I found it in my parent's room a couple weeks before Christmas.


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