Blame it On Technology

We're having internet issues.  Don't ask me to explain. When I say 'technical difficulties', I mean ones that live in my limited brain.  I'd like to say I'm too old to understand all this advanced, high-tech, automation, but Bill Gates is 11 years older than me. I might blame him for coming up with all this stuff.  I guess I could blame it on not taking that computer class in high school. Hey, I'd taken typing and excelled at it, why would I need to learn about these computer things? I didn't plan on working in an office, where else would I use one?

Right now, I'm using the internet-sharing feature of my new phone. Pretty cool, except it's giving me anxiety.  I only have like 5 G's or MB's or some other ABC's of data and I have absolutely NO IDEA what that means.  Will using the internet sharing for 30 minutes suck up all my data? If  I do use it up, how much will it cost me the next time I check facebook while I'm at church? (I don't really do that, tho' I know people who do.)  I'm trying to post as quick as I can, but those bookmarks at the top of my page are calling my name. The blogs I normally read every day- I know they've posted and dang if I haven't been able to read or comment on them. I'm sure my email inbox is full as well.

To use data or not. It's just too much for my technologically challenged mind.


  1. Jewels, you're not the only one technologically challenged. Count me at the top of your list. And, no, I don't check Facebook at church :). Haha

  2. " I only have like 5 G's or MB's or some other ABC's of data and I have absolutely NO IDEA what that means." LOL
    Can't wait to have you back, Jewels. Meanwhile, enjoy time sans-internet.

  3. All I know about internet data via cell is that damned alphabet translates into REALLY high numbers REALLY fast on the phone bill. Oh, and unlimited doesn't usually actually mean unlimited. Don't ask me how I know.

  4. hahaha! I'm a little slow in the tech world as well, but I'm pretty sure there are no 5G phones yet. I believe that's in reference to your internet access speed. Could be wrong, don't quote me on it!
    From there I don't know how to help you. sorry.

    I almost completely do all of my FB time from my phone, but I don't FB at church.
    I have blogged from my phone and commented from my phone, but the computer is way easier.

    What kind of phone do you have?


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