Let Me Introduce You

to my new phone.

Her name is Delilah. Because she's a temptress. And, she knows my weakness. We met a few days ago on the internet while I was 'just looking'.  She spoke to me.

"Hello, Jewels. I am your new phone."

Oh, no, I don't need a new phone. I'm just looking.

"Well, look a little closer. See how pretty I am? I'm white and new."

Yes, but my old phone works fine.

"But, it doesn't have all the technology that I have. I'm a 4G. G is for gorgeous.  With me you could check facebook and email. And you can check your blog for comments any time of day."

Um..that's ok. I'll just keep this one.

"Really, Jewels. You know you want me. I have a touch screen. You want to touch my screen, don't you?"

Yes, yes I do.  But, what about my old phone?

"Give it to the Handy Man.  He'll love having your cast-offs."

But my old phone is pink.

"Oh, he won't care. Take another look.  I have a camera and music, you can listen to music.  Come on Jewels.  Just one click."

I don't know.....

When she arrived today, I was making dinner. It took all the willpower I own  (which isn't much) not to holler, "Cereal for dinner!" and run to my room for some girl-time. Even her box was cute.
One of the reasons I gave in was because I have 14 days to return her if I choose. The Handy Man thinks this is what's going to happen. I've thought about it, but Delilah is trying to convince me otherwise.

"You want me. You need me. You aren't letting me go."

She's right, of course. Dang temptress.


  1. Haha she's gorgeous Jewels! I loved her name, and the fact that you too name your technology!

  2. You are hilarious. "You want to touch me screen" ??? Love it! I hope the two of you are very happy together :)

  3. Welcome to your new life, it will never be the same!

  4. Hi! Loved this post, Smart Phones, sort of like those old dumb terminals back in the early days of office computers, are a way of life .. hard to resist all the bells and whistles .. but who decided they were 'smart' . that's what I want to know!

    Thanks for your visit ... I couldnt reply to your comment because you show up as a 'no-comment reply'... and I cant go back to reply on my blog because I am supposed to be working .. sssh!!!!!! ;-)

  5. Ah, the start of a beautiful relationship. My niece was all excited about some new app the other day and I said, "That's only for smart phones, right? Because I have a very dumb phone."

  6. Yep. I know exactly how you feel!!! :)

  7. I second Lia...I always second Lia? hmm? I like Lia.:) I know, I know, we're old friends.:)


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