Six Word Fridays- Looking Forward

Looking with faith at a year,
Filled with the possibility of gladness.
Put fear aside, hold onto hope,
Take a step forward and fly.

P.S.  I 'borrowed' an idea I found about taking a picture a day for a year.  I added the page at the top of my blog. It's mostly for me, an interesting way to record my year. Stop by if you'd like.


  1. Look ahead, step forward, hope freely. Gladness will come. Ah, I do love a new year. :)

  2. Good luck on your 365 endeavor! Such an undertaking. I'm going for project 52 and hoping I can follow through. Love your six words. I'm trying to move beyond fear, myself.

  3. Yay, gladness! I hope I can continue to put fear away, too!

  4. Loved your Six Word Fridays entry.

    I think you will be pleased to have a photo from each day of 2012, especially as a you are a mom of growing children. I look forward to checking in as your collection grows.

  5. Enjoyed your perspective on the coming year--and looking forward to seeing the photos.

  6. I love the photos so far! I love how they're natural and not staged. Thanks for sharing them with us. (:

  7. Thanks to all. I look forward to taking the pictures.

  8. "Take a step forward and fly" - I love it. Just a beautiful thought.


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