Leap Blog is Coming

I feel like I've seriously dropped the ball. Next Wednesday is Leap Blog Day.  I haven't mentioned it once and even forgot to put this cute little frog on my sidebar.

The idea came from We Band of Mothers.  Surprisingly, it isn't about frogs at all. It's about guest posts and 'leaping' around to read some new stuff.   I'll be writing a post for another blog, and will have a guest poster here on mine.  I'm excited to do this, and to find some new blogs.

Thing is, while some bloggers write just for themselves, if you put in the effort to put it out there in cyberspace, you pretty much want someone to read what you write.  Makes you feel important. Makes you feel loved, in that non-creepy Internet kind of way.  So, I hope you'll read my blog that day, hop on over to where I post, and maybe jump around to some others.



  1. Sounds like a ribbiting day :)

  2. I'll be here...and there...looking forward to it.

  3. I have had my ball taken by a virus... So my lunch tomorrow is devoted to writing. Any guiding words? Where do I send my final draft?

  4. You can send it to my email address survivinglayton@gmail.com

  5. So how do I know where your post will be posted? I don't know if I'll have time that day to read, but I'm game to read some new blogs.

    1. I'll put up the blog address where I'll be posting.


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