Silly Little Love Songs

(It's love week at our house. This means the kids get daily Valentine's and special dinners.  In celebration, you get a week of posts about Love.)

I love music. Can't sing to save my life, but I could put some lives in danger with my high notes!  Love songs are some of my favorites.  While I enjoy music with a beat, I'm a sucker for ballads.  It all started with this guy-
Oh, sweet heaven. I was 8 and I was in love!  For Christmas that year, my dad bought me my first album (yes, an actual record, big, black and shiny). It was a Donny and Marie record and I listened to it constantly.  His voice could just melt my childish heart.  I knew for certain that one day, some way, I would marry him.
My favorite song- 'I'm Leavin' it All Up to You',  Yes, Donny, I did want your love. Too bad he's nine years older and got married when I was a pre-teen. He'll never know what he missed out on.

Then, there was junior high.  I fell madly in love with Kurt. He was blonde, funny and a full head shorter than me.  No matter. Love is blind.  We lived in Arizona and Kurt was in my social studies class. When my family decided to move to Idaho in the middle of the school year, the only thing holding me back was that tow-headed boy.  The night before the move, our school had a Christmas dance.  I went. I said good-bye to my friends. And, the very last dance of the night, Kurt asked me to dance. We rocked back and forth in a little circle, my arms on his shoulders ( I ignored the way they slanted down.) and his hands on my waist. *swoon* The song was 'Sad Eyes'- how appropriate.  I walked home that night with a broken heart.  The next day as we drove out of town, the song played on the radio and I cried in the way-back of our station wagon.  

High school brought new loves and a whole list of new love songs.  I lived in a small town and our radio station took requests and dedications on Saturday nights.  On one of these weekends, I was home with my sisters when it came on-  "This one is going out to Julie from Ty."  My cute boyfriend had dedicated 'Longer' by Dan Folgelberg. He was a thoughtful boy. But, it didn't have the desired effect, since I had already decided to break up with him.  I cried and two days later, I broke his heart.  I can't hear that song and not think of him. (He's married with four kids, so clearly, he got over me.)

When the Handy Man and I started dating, we discovered that we have very different tastes in music. He likes classic rock and at the time, I was listening to pop. (I've since converted to country, which is physically painful to him.)  We discovered a mutual love of all things 80's and that is where our paths converge. He deemed 'Lady in Red' by Chris DeBurgh as my song, tho' I rarely wear the color. It's more about the lyrics and it makes me smile when it comes on the radio and he turns it up.

Lately, we've found a new song.  It's old, but classic.  It came out when I was in college and pining for someone, anyone to come along and sweep me off my feet the way the music did.  Now, every time I hear it, I remember how lonely I was back then and how happy and in love I am now.  Twenty years and he still takes me away.  Have a listen. (Don't be frightened by the guy in the Speedo.)

What's your favorite love song?


  1. Okay I was a little scared by the guy in the speedo. But I love that song!!!

  2. I love how songs can take us back for a full five minutes or so.

    Thanks for sharing your sweet stories. (:

  3. You read my mind about the speedo - - ewww.
    I like that song, although if you had asked me who sang it I never in a zillion trillion years would have guessed The Honey Drippers! haha

  4. Love Sea of Love--raised in the '80s, totally immune to the terror of the Speedo. In fact, clearly remember this video from marathon afternoons of MTV playing in the background while I read or wrote on the couch.

    "Our" song is "Stand By Me," which was actually before our time, but was enjoying a re-release when we got together due to the movie of the same name. We played it at our wedding in place of the traditional wedding march. We are generally pretty un-romantic, but about three months ago, the song came on and Hubby said, "It's a little crazy that this song still gives me goosebumps, isn't it?"

    (PS--I was a weird, weird kid and lived for those little glimpses of JIMMY Osmond I could occasionally get while watching Donny & Marie.)

  5. The song that always makes my husband and I hold hands and speak with our eyes (freaking our kids out every time) is "Far Side Banks Of Jordan" by Johnny Cash. Not a traditional 'our song'....but that makes it even better!


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