Six Word Fridays- Chat

Text, email, facebook or a tweet.
Why not pick up a phone?
Your voice is so very sweet.


  1. My sweet voice is generally accompanied by a toddlery backup singer! And by singer it is possible I mean screamer. ;) My phone gets very little use at this juncture...

  2. I agree with the message in your Six Word Friday post.

  3. Guilty as charged...I'm horrible at picking up the phone ;) I envy your relationships with your sisters...I'm an only child

  4. That's lovely! I'm not very good at picking up the phone, either. Spent too many years bound to one at work. Poor excuse, isn't it?

  5. We don't even have a landline phone at the moment. (I held on to it for a really long time, but literally six to eight months went by with NO ONE using it--except the telemarketers who would leave messages on the machine--so I started wondering why I was being so stubborn about it.) And so many cell phones are great at other things, but horrible for actually having a phone conversation. I really miss the hours-long conversations I sometimes used to have with my sisters and several close friends, though.


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