What's On My Mind

Here's a few wanderings of my wondering mind-

  • Why do boy's rooms smell so bad? My kids shower/bathe regularly. I wash their clothes. Maybe I don't get them folded in a timely manner, but they're clean.  So, why?
  • When did it become okay to show almost-naked women on a commercial during a show that they know kids will be watching?  It was like a 30 second wardrobe malfunction. 
  • It doesn't seem right that I can go to the mail box in bare feet in February. We have snow on our lawn, but that's only because our house is north-facing and doesn't know what sunshine is.  
  • If I had Bill Gates' money, I'd buy up all the Super Bowl ad time and show puppies and kitties.   No nakeditity.  
  • Noah's friend's mom is having a baby.  He's very jealous. Oh, well. Michelle Duggar I am not.
  • If Sunday's game had been between Giants-
(Photo from harrypotter.wikia.com)

   and Patriots-

the outcome would've been different. Especially, since the Patriots that live near me get around in these-

Just sayin'.

(My pictures (except the one of Gawp) are from Morguefile.com, a really great site to get free licence pictures.  Thanks to Word Nerd for introducing me to this fabulous site.)


  1. Haha! I like you Giants vs. Patriots game, better ;)

  2. I would definitely watch a super bowl with puppies and kitties in all the ads!

  3. As far as I'm concerned you could replace the ENITRE Super Bowl with puppies and kitties, not just the ads. ;)

    And yeah, the boys room odor thing. I never found an explanation (or a cure), so you're not alone, for what that's worth.

  4. I might actually watch that Super Bowl.


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