Because my Life is so Fascinating...

Today I did this-

  • woke up at 4:30am. The Handy Man forgot to turn off his alarm and it woke me while he showered. I never got back to sleep. I exercised, though, so it was all good.
  • went to the doctor (hypothyroidism causes a once/year visit).  Interesting tidbit- this doctor (this is the first time I've gone to him) lives in my neighborhood and goes to my church. He asked about a pap smear, and said he could refer me to someone else. Um, yeah. There is no way in hell I'm having that exam by someone I'll see every Sunday. 
  • grocery shopping. I used to enjoy this. Not anymore. 
  • laundry. Always laundry. 
  • read Dean Koontz. Love his books and the way he weaves his insight about writing into his fiction. "Writing isn't a source of pain. It's psychic chemotherapy. It reduces your psychological tumors and relieves your pain." (Odd Thomas)
  • Took a nap with Noah. Now, he's wide awake with no sign of going to bed.
  • made spaghetti and garlic bread. 
Now, it's time for bed. The house is far from quiet, but I'm going to try anyway. First, here's a little picture from yesterday. Jake came home from school and walked into my room looking like this-

He knows me well, and before I had the chance to freak out, he said, "It's make-up." He's in a stage crew class and did this to himself, then went the rest of the day telling people he'd broken his nose. Isn't he just funny?


  1. I'd say that's a very productive day. Laundry and dinner? Win!! And you got to read a book? Super win!!

    I have to grocery shop today. Ugh. Not something I am looking forward to.

    1. I think those stores that deliver have the right idea.

  2. I thought it was real!!! Sounds like a good day.
    Also, is there a new Odd Thomas book out?! Love them! =)

    1. No new Odd Thomas. I'd seen on Dean Koontz's website that they're making it into a movie, so I decided to re-read the first one.

  3. Jewels, the doctor who delivered all three of my children was in our stake. My brother-in-law ended up marrying his daughter. In my book, that makes us family. My husband could not understand why I refused to go back to him for my annual exam! Ewwww gross!
    P.S. I hate grocery shopping but i LOVE LOVE Dean Koontz!

    1. Oh, I totally agree. What happens in the doctor's office needs to stay in the doctor's office. I don't even want to see my OB at the store.

  4. I love taking naps with babies. I don't love babies who don't want to go to bed because we've taken a lovely nap. Bah.

    1. My baby is 5 now, so the naps are even more rare. But, he still loves to snuggle with me, and that makes me happy.

  5. I have a friend who ended up dating her gynecologist's son. The gyno was an older man and she met his son (who was thirteen or fourteen years older than she was) when she was in college in some work-study program. (The son was an alumnus of the school.) They ended up getting married and are married still fifteen years later. Obviously, she switched gynos as soon as she got involved with the son, but still...

    As for the stage makeup, I used to randomly do that with my mother's old make-up lying around the house. I could make a pretty convincing bruise out of old eye shadow. Jake looks like he did a pretty spectacular job.


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