Monday, Monday

My kids didn't have school today. 'Work day' for teachers means no me time for Mom. The good news is that tomorrow, normally a lowly Tuesday, is the first day of Spring.


Speaking of spring, there's this robin that's been in our neighborhood for the past couple months.  I've wondered about this. Don't they normally fly south?  I always thought that was a sign of spring.  
He seems a bit lonely, never with a friend.  Perhaps he stayed behind, preparing for his girl to come home.  "Look, honey.  I missed the migration, but I've been here waiting.  I have a nice place picked out for our nest."   Perhaps, he was hurt and he couldn't keep up with the others. Or, he had an intuition that we would have a mild winter, so he didn't want to expend the energy for the long flight.

Most likely, he got lost and refused to ask for directions.


  1. Hahaha! Ya, probably got lost!

  2. Very cool picture - yeah, I like the no direction explanation too :)

  3. After waking up to dustings of snow the last two mornings, I'm nervous to look outside on this first day of spring! I'm ready for blue sky, warmer days, and no snow!

  4. They mentioned in the wikipedia article that sometimes robins hang around instead of migrating, and the time for them to go back to their summer areas is around now, in Feb and Mar, depending on several factors. I saw my first robin of the season yesterday, but surpriseingly the dog did not seem to notice him hopping just several feet away from us.

  5. Just like a man, isn't it? We saw our first robin about a week and a half ago. And I was excited to see the osprey back down by the creek about a week before that. And lots of other birds are back--even though we haven't seen them, the noise outside the window in the mornings has become enormous.(The fact that it's still March and we're able to comfortably sleep with the window open is a little disturbing, but that's a whole other story.)

    This time of year is really exciting for an amateur bird geek like myself. In addition to all the returning favorites, lots of birds pass through on their migratory paths--swans and mergansers and redhead ducks, an occasional egret--that we just don't see the whole rest of the year.


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