K is for Kisses

Our first ones are chaste and innocent.  A mother's lips, soft and warm, welcoming us into the world.  A thousand words are spoken in those moments as she presses kisses to her newborn's face.  Relief, happiness, love, possession, all wrapped up in the gentle endearment.

Giggles accompany the butterfly kind.  Eyelashes lightly brushing against cheek.  Little girls flittering their adoration on fathers.  Hoping for a tickling return before being tucked safely in.

Then, there's the magic of the first kiss.  Whether in a school, behind a tree, or in a car as you say good night. The butterflies do a furious dance of anticipation.  You lean in, hopeful, anxious, unsure.  Lips touch in sweet discovery and life is never quite the same again.

Married kisses are as varied as the seasons.  Warm and inviting as you reunite at the end of a day. Supportive during hard times.  Expressing passion that comes from commitment and loyalty.  They become familiar, comfortable, like a blanket settled over on a rainy afternoon.

A peck on the cheek. A smooch. Sloppy toddler smacks. Even the chocolate kind. A kiss is simply divine.


  1. Beautiful and well said! You express exactly what kisses are meant to be perfectly!

  2. Perfect! Kisses are delicious and so varied!

  3. Thanks for the kind comment! And hey, who doesn't like kisses? Obviously my blog shows which kind of kisses I like best! Lady Bluestocking@3500WordsPerPound

  4. Ah, yes! I have lived through a lot of different kinds of kisses. Now the ones I treasure are from great grands and grown up grands, and grown up children. Hugs from friends. I have had a lot of love in my lifetime and look forward to even more. My husband's sugar was so sweet, but he has gone on to be with the Lord; I still remember them though. Best regards to you, Ruby

  5. Sloppy wet toddler kisses will always be my favorite.

  6. I'm a fan of kisses, of the any kind variety. :O)

  7. I love this! And despite of our children's groans, my husband and I kiss all the time, even in front of their friends. Our kids report that none of their friends parents do that sort of thing, and I reply that's too bad for them!


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