I know spring is supposed to already be here. But, where I live, winter is reluctant to let go.  Winter is sort of like a pregnancy, you know it can't last forever, but you start to feel like it'll never end.
Those aren't my tulips in the picture. (morguefile.com)  My tulips are just now getting buds. They make me hopeful, though. And that's what spring is all about.

In Search of Spring

The snow sheathed earth
Thirsts for sunshine,
Fertile flowers wait
Longing for their breathless
Bursts of color anticipate their
Of the change of season.

And, I..
I wait.
Watching for any sign
That the long, cold,
Dark winter
Has finally given up the ghost,
That spring,
Splendid spring,
With it’s life and
Endless promise,
Is assuredly, undoubtedly,



  1. Beautiful, Jewels. I'm ready, too.

  2. Those are beautiful ...! As is the poem. (:

    Hopefully spring gets there soon ...

  3. I like how you make us wait with you, even if just for one line: "And, I../I wait." The whole thing is a lovely play with words.


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