Virtual Hugs

Years ago, the Handy Man and I were living with his brother (and wife).  I didn't get along with my sister-in-law, 'Lisa',  and was completely overwhelmed by the situation.  I had two young children and was basically living in a bedroom.  My sister-in-law was pregnant and having complications. Not that I was unfeeling, but everywhere I went, I was asked over and over how she was doing.  One Sunday, after being bombarded by questions and having to relate all the well-wishes to Lisa, I'd had enough.  I was at my mom's, trying to escape for a little while, when I got a phone call.  It was a friend from church.  I fully expected her to ask about Lisa.  She didn't. She asked me how I was doing. She expressed her love and concern for me, assuring me that she was there for me if I needed anything. She didn't mention Lisa once.   I hung up the phone and cried.

Where am I going with this, you ask?  One of the sweetest bloggers in our little world has been having a stressful time.  We all can understand.  While we write our blogs and try to be witty or thoughtful, there's a whole life going on that others don't really know about.  We have stress and problems and get overwhelmed.

cdnkaro at four under four (plus two) is that kind blogger I'm talking about.  She has reached out to others beyond the comment section.  She has sent flowers and other gifts to her internet friends.  She is a busy mother of four, who works and goes to school. She took a little break from blogging to take care of the 'stuff' in her life.  Now that she's back, we're giving her an internet boost.  Even if you've never read her blog, click on over and leave a comment. We all understand how good it feels to know that someone is thinking about us, and cares enough to say so.   A flood of good thoughts and well wishes will do so much to brighten her day. Think of it as a virtual hug.  Something we could all use now and then.


  1. Yay for virtual hugs! This is so much fun. Thanks for this.
    And that living situation sounds dreadful. My stomach got all clenched just thinking about it.

  2. I'm with Lou--your living situation sounds insanely overwhelming. It is truly amazing what a difference just one concerned person can make when you're feeling that way, isn't it? I would say judging from the number of comments over at cdnkaro's this virtual hug was a resounding success.


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