Anybody still out there?

Did ya miss me? I missed you, every one. I feel completely out of touch, wondering what is going on and what fabulous things you've written. It's going to take me some time to catch up.
Thanks for all the nice comments. (That's one thing I allowed myself- reading them.)  I have some scrumptious cookies here for you, all warm and gooey.

I realize it's LATE and I've almost missed my deadline for my return. This is bugging me because I'm never late. Honestly, if I'm running a mere 5 minutes behind, I get an anxiety attack. But, today has been filled with preparations for Jacob's graduation tomorrow. (What was I thinking, coming back today???)  I've cleaned, and painted and rearranged so many things. Now, my back hurts and I'm exhausted. And, we still have his graduation and party tomorrow.

This week has been busy. Not as productive in writing as I'd hoped. But, I feel like I got my focus back and I figured out some problems with my story.

Tomorrow, I'll write a better post. I've been tagged by Larissa and will happily answer all her questions.  Thanks for being patient and not abandoning me.  Wish you were actually here and could have some real cookies.


  1. Yay for Jacob and you! I love seeing all Josh's old friends much fun and a little bittersweet too!

  2. Those cookies look so good! Hope your graduation celebration is full of joy and good times!

  3. Seriously, what's up with the fake cookies?! I want real ones!! haha. Welcome back :)

  4. Welcome back and congratulations to your Jacob.
    I feel like sometimes the best writing work at some points is the stuff we do in our heads while we're doing other things. Sometimes it takes physically moving furniture to move the furniture of your story around.
    So glad you had some productive time off!

  5. Welcome back!! And nom nom nom nom I'm in serious need of home made cookies right now.

  6. not nice to tease with those delicious looking cookies!! saying hi from the az challenge :)

  7. You have certainly had more important things on your mind. Congratulations on Jacob's graduation!

  8. Welcome back! I've missed you. And congratulations to Jacob on the graduation!

  9. Glad you're back. And hope graduation went well for Jacob. I'm with Lou, sometimes, especially when we're trying to untangle a knot in our writing, we get more accomplished by stepping away from the desk and letting it stew (consciously or subconsciously) in our brains a bit.


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